As being superior producer and exporter of solenoid valves, we have produced huge capacity of solenoid valves for a range of media like air, heated water, oil, gas and vacuum. We include cutting edge, all around prepared manufacture unit for the establishment of high quality valves.

We have form and produce best quality water solenoid valves manufacturers that are utilized for some local and modern operations. According to necessity, our arrangement of water solenoid valves is accessible with numerous choices of size and design. We help our customers to choose appropriate solenoid valves as indicated by their need.

Water solenoid valves are accessible in Brass, Stainless Steel and Plastic and would all be depicted with respect to generally of use applications as every one of the three materials are reasonable for mains water utilize yet consideration should be given to the water application parameters.

Temperature of Water Solenoid Valves

Ordinary Water Solenoid Valves will have NBR seals that are evaluated in the locality of 60 and 80°C, though EPDM can commonly resist temperatures up to 150°C. In the event that higher temperatures are required it is savvy to utilize the right steam evaluated solenoid valve, which ought to have PTFE seals and a H or N appraised high temperature loop intended to oppose the warmth of the application.

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