The solenoid valve is operated through electric current that is passed through a solenoid installed in the valve. There are two different types of valve: two ports and three ports. The solenoid valves we offer are used to control the flow, distribute and mix different fluids. They are the most frequently used fluid control element commonly preferred in various industries. The solenoid valve we offer is safe and easy to use. They are well known in the market for their accurate and speedy working. The clients in domestic as well international market prefers them because of their excellent features like long service life, compact design and good compatibility level with different type of materials. The materials we use in fabrication of these valves are purchased from the top retailers in the market.The range of solenoid valves we provide are direct acting solenoid valve, piston valve, single and double acting valve, water solenoid valve, etc.

Each valve is made with extreme care and accuracy to make their functioning easy and smooth. We export our solenoid valves in all the cities of Bahrain some of them are Manama, Riffa, Muharraq, A’ali, Sitra, etc. Bahrain is situated in between Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It has a high value of Human Development Index and also has a high income. The solenoid valves we offer are prepared in the standard dimensions that are accepted worldwide to suit the usage application area. They are kept compact in size and customization as per the client needs.


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