We are tag as leading manufacturer, exporter, single solenoid valves supplier that are accessible with various decisions of material, end association and size. It is accessible with cutting edge highlights like exact measurement and corrosion resistance. It is given simple control for the protected and sound operation. Dependent on the operational criteria, it is work with metal, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic.  This implies a cavity has a home position when trap to a Single Solenoid Valve, and is in that home position when no voltages are provided. Take note of that while many think about the home position as being barrel withdrawn, in the event that you change the tubes to the inverse closures of the chamber, the home position can be augmented.

We make utilization of “304” stainless steel for the development of the valve body. It is dependably utilized as a part of numerous liquid taking care of frameworks in therapeutic, printing, bundling and semiconductor. We offer demonstrated scope of solenoid valves with confirmation of longer administration life and high effectiveness. A Single Solenoid Valve has one solenoid and movements when voltage is provided to that solenoid. At the point when voltage is expelled, it moves back to a “home” position.

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